Saturday, 14 September 2013

Maxillofacial Surgeon Adventures

I recently went to see a maxillofacial surgeon. Doing some research before, I found that she's the head of maxillofacial surgery in the hospital. My rheumatologist sent me to her after my TMJ MRI didn't look too good- I have a displaced disk, deformity, and erosion to the joints. Now, I've been with my doctor long enough to know that if something concerns him: He was very concerned. He also likes to care for things right away so they don't become a bigger problem later.

The other day I walked into see the maxillofacial surgeon. I didn't really know what to expect. However I walked out with completely unexpected news. "Normal." Normal?! I knew that a displaced disc isn't out of the ordinary, but everything else isn't! She told me that the erosion is noticeable but shouldn't make a difference until later- yeah, that's why I'm seeing you now. She more or less told me it's arthritis and I'm just going to have to deal with it, until it gets really bad and eroded. But ultimately I'm "normal."

I hate that word. 'Normal.' I hate it. I know something is wrong, because normal doesn't cause pain. You can't fix normal.

If you know something is wrong, but are told you're normal, don't stop. Don't stop until you're heard. Don't stop until you get answers. Normal isn't painful. You can't fix normal.


  1. I'm sorry your appointment wasn't successful. And I mean, I'm *really* sorry, because "normal" is the only thing I've heard from doctors because of "normal" test results. I understand how frustrating it is to be in so much pain, and then be told by doctors that there's nothing wrong :(

    1. Thanks Arianna; Even with a diagnosis I still find doctors dismiss and call problems normal. Not so much the rheumatologist, but specialists. It's like being back at square one. I hope doctors appointments are more successful for you in the future: Getting a diagnosis is so trying. :(