Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Nerdy, Disabled Kid

I am a geek. Really. I fit the stereotype of a geek or nerd (they're two different things), if anything I'm the model. In fact I'm even typing this while reclining with my eyes closed. And I think the one thing that really finishes off this stereotype is the fact that I do have a disability.

I feel like whenever I watch television and they are trying to portray a group of nerds, at least one has a bunch of invisible and ridiculous sounding disabilities or illnesses. I know in my nerdy group of friends, I am that kid. I take pride in it, of course, because I'm only being myself.

I hate that portrayal of the nerdy kid with a disability: They make them seem like they're faking, that they're not tough and such. It's not unlike in real life, where the world will pick on you for being a wimp or a hypochondriac. Then again, the world isn't kind to many anyway.


  1. I feel like that sometimes too, I am the girl in the AP classes that hasn't been able to participate in gym in two years. And instead of a sports team I am on the debate team!

    1. Me too! The difference is, is my school has a pool and a fitness centre with equipment my doctor wants me to use so I kind of get forced into gym.... At least it's almost over!

    2. We don't have a pool but we have a weight room I am allowed to go to, but we are only allowed to use it sometimes, if not I just walk laps, or when I can't walk I get written assignments.