Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Please, Bare With Me

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas, holiday, or whatever they celebrate. On Christmas Eve I did announce that there are some changes to the blog, and a few things I would like to talk about, as well as a posting schedule for the next days. First of all I did update a post called 'Methotrexate Irregular Periods.' Originally when I wrote it, I was very upset and needed to express my concerns. I forgot about the post until recently when I have gotten a lot of views on this post. I'd like to say that Methotrexate HAS helped a lot of people, that that particular side effect is rather uncommon and since it was uncommon I was stressing that people should take it seriously should it happen to them, and to also listen to their body. But I would like to say a medicine will only work if you let it: You can easily convince yourself a medicine won't work, so even if it does you won't feel relief. People can even convince themselves into getting a certain side effect. Personally, MTX was not a good med for ME. I can't tell you if it will work for you or not. That is for you and your doctor to discuss.

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