Sunday, 28 October 2012

Horrible Hospital

I've read several things today that disturb me, one of these things was that a young girl had a terrible medical accident caused by a nurse at a hospital I had gone to. The accident was one hundred per cent preventable, not to go into too much detail but please tell me what person uses scissors to remove a piece of peeling, sterile tape from a child's face?
This hospital is a pediatrics hospital, of which is usually the first parents choose to send their children to. I had been a patient there since I was first born, and we never truly had a good experience. They diagnosed my arthritis as sports injuries (despite the fact I did not play any sports or injure myself) and actually sent me home without looking at me when I had my first flare up and was extremely ill, dehydrated and so weak my father needed to carry me. I found many other children and teenagers had similiar experiences here, one teenager actually denied alternative treatments, instead forced to take a very aggresive medicine (There were plenty of alternatives that worked much better. I do not even mean diet or herebal remedies, this hospital denied her other medications). Rest assured, I do not attend this hospital. My mother had enough of this terrible experience and I have not been since I was about eleven years old.
I think it kind of goes to show that if you have enough money (this hospital gets a lot of donations) and put on a good show, people will believe anything you tell them. I've learnt to see past it, having been taught how business and advertisement works in school. I hope people begin to see past the show and stop continuing to get terrible care for their child over and over again. I hope they find the alternative children's hospital that put more money and effort and care into patients than into fancy presentations.

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