Sunday, 22 July 2012

Leflunomide Update

I would just like to give a bit of an update about Leflunomide, which is like Methotrexate in the fact it surpresses one's immune system.
So far, I'm not doing very well on it. While I don't get nasuea as badly on Leflunomide like I did on Methotrexate, I still do get it. I don't loss hair on this either. However, I've experienced nasty side effects on Leflunomide. I've lost my appetite on this medicine to the point I eat extremely lightly just to get three meals and when I say extremely light, I mean something to drink can become a satisfying meal. I'm also a bit afraid to eat because when I do I tend to get an upset stomach as well. Not all the time, but I do.
Before this drug I was a healthy weight and slim: It was obvious I took very good care of myself. On this drug I've lost a lot of weight and while I still look rather healthy and just as though I've lost a tiny bit of weight, I'm rather concerned. I wasn't even trying to loss weight and actually had no intention of it. Most people don't believe me when I say I have side effects, but rather they think I'm very vain to lose weight that I don't need to lose.
I'm not happy at the moment.

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