Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Ordinary to Smile

My mum always told me that there is nothing more attractive than a smile. I always knew this was true, but not really realizing it's depth until recently.
While I was in art class, working on a personal sketch because I was finished with my own class work. A boy who is in the year above me walked into the room to work on his project. I had never really seen him before, and he seemed to be very average looking though not a bad looking lad himself. He worked quietly on his project, not talking to anyone. A girl came in and she said something to him. He looked up from his project and smiled. I swear he looked to be the happiest boy in the world: He all of a sudden seemed so handsome and I thought to myself 'his parents must be so proud of him.'
Some people won't smile in pictures, some people won't smile at all in life. I don't walk around with a grin all the time because it looks goofy but also because it wouldn't look geniune. I notice that when I walk with my chin up and a grin because I'm thinking of a joke or soemthing, people seem to notice me or smile back or something. I don't feel I'm that pretty of a girl but until the day I die, I swear having a smile and looking to be happy (Real happy) will always do more good in the end than you could ever imagine.

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