Sunday, 18 December 2011

Truth Is

Truth is, I take chemotherapy to treat Arthur. It's called Methotrexate and in high doses it is used to treat cancer. In small doses it is used to treat arthritis. We use it to treat arthritis because it surpresses your immune system, which does not work properly in a lot of arthritis cases, except in the case of Osteoarthritis (arthritis you get due to wear and tear).

Though I take it in small doses once a week in pills (people with cancer can take it in pills too), it does not mean I do not get the side effects. Sure, it's much less worse than a person taking it in high doses but no doubt it's still there. I've lost some hair (most people won't lose all their hair), especially eyelashes much to my annoyance. I get mouth sores too and whilst they don't hurt, I do get that odd taste in my mouth. I get nasuea  too, as most people do. Fatigue happens too. In  fact, when I first started MTX again in August, I  was in Disney World and I lost my apetite. I was so upset because we had reservations to all my favourite resturants and I could barely eat any of my favourites foods.

Also it is not very well known that Methotrexate can cause emotional changes: Depression, anxiety and mood swings. Yes. I once became very depressed for a whole school year because of if, and I only got better after having a break for a few weeks. Now, I've gotten both depression and mood swings. I get my good and bad weeks. Hopefully Christmas will be a good week.

Anyway, my point is Arthur needs chemo. No, I will not die of arthritis as a person with cancer would without chemotherapy. But I would be trapped in my home unable to do anything, or just be a kid. Anyway, as I term this with people I explain this to, "Doctor says that if I take chemo long enough, I might go into remission in a year or a few."

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